• LocationMumbai
  • Event Date16 November 2022

About VBS 2022

India's total video market which includes TV broadcasting and video streaming platforms is an $18 billion opportunity in the coming years. The TV business is expected to grow from $5 billion to $8.5 billion in five years, driven largely by advertising. The country's streaming video market with a revenue of $3 billion in 2022 will double to almost $7 billion in 2027.

While the opportunity is immense, it is yet to be decided which stakeholders will command a bigger piece of the pie. Currently, the scales are tipped in favour of streaming platforms who are technologically advanced and governed by a light-touch regulatory framework. The revenues of traditional distribution platforms are under pressure from changing market dynamics, over-regulation and legacy technology infrastructure. An overhaul is required on multiple fronts.

This year's Video & Broadband Summit will delve deep to get a perspective on the emerging business opportunities such as direct-to-mobile broadcasting, satellite broadband and 5G. Industry experts will closely examine the existing regulatory framework and whether there is a level playing field between the various stakeholders in video distribution. Lastly, the summit will show how some companies are reinventing their business models, launching new products or adopting new technologies to unlock revenue growth in the industry.


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